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Thursday, August 7, 2008

There I am, My favorite photographer out shooting in the wilds of Shenandoah Nat'l Park in VA. It was a great trip filled with some really great photographic opportunities for sure. We met a couple from Germany who came upon us on this trail (Rose River) and said when they came around the bend and saw me standing in the water, they stopped dead in their tracks because for a second, they thought I was a Bear..I was wearing all HERE are the rest of the shots.

Here are a few More from that trip!

All in all, Shenandoah was a good trip, the ride down from CT. was pretty scenic (once you hit PA, what with all the farms and stuff) and the Blue Ridge is just awesome. We stayed at a place in Laurey VA. 5 Min's from the park, called... The Better View Inn. It was a rental cabin on a hill with a view of the Mountains, it was surrounded on three sides by trees and felt Pretty woodsy.. Each morning we would awaken and find a little "Min-Pin" dog on the deck looking through the glass door at us, he came around every day so we "Adopted" him for the week and named him Stinky..Yes, he Reading through the guest book, it seems he is there allot. He was a cutie and welcome visitor.

The park was great, lots of good hiking..if you don't Love or even like hiking, I would suggest maybe NOT coming here as it seems that hiking is probably all there really is to do. Sure you can drive Skyline drive but do it once and then what? lol Oh, be prepared, mostly all the hikes start out going down hill, which means, you'll be going up to get

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