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Thursday, August 7, 2008

Lancaster County, PA.

Last year, Christine and I took a long weekend to go out to New Holland PA. We went there to actually drop off an old wood stove to a RR museum but the curator (who really seemed to want it) never showed up... Thanks ***er!!!!
Anyhow, we stayed at the awesome "Country Hearth Inn" in New Holland..

It was a great time, got to see all the Amish folk and even went to dinner at an Amish family's home.. The food was great! Here's a few shot of the area...

Hopefully we can get back soon for another long weekend, what a fun place to go, I wouldn't suggest staying a full week though, as I really didn't see much to do down there, except for shopping and taking photos! Feel free to go see the rest of the photos at my SITE.

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