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Friday, August 15, 2008

Snow... Princes, Friend, Pet.

After loosing our beloved Bailey (seen here on left) to cancer, we really tried and tried NOT to rush out and get another dog..
A. Bailey can never ever be replaced
B. We didn't know if having another dog so soon was a good idea.

I believe we made it allmost 2 months before we started looking for a new dog.

My wife came across a Border Collie pup at the Animal Haven ( ) on the net and went to see him, he was already taken.. Booo, so someone there suggested she look over the other dogs they had.. she came across a White beauty with black ears, one up, one down... the sign said 'Snow" she was told that snow was a double Merl Australian Shepherd thus making her deaf.. (now we are thinking she's a Border Collie / Aussie mix of some sort) So, They took her out and instantly, she clung to Christine like it was love at first site.. She walked her around the property and took her back in to her kennel.. Chris was in love with this white, deaf, disheveled girl who seemed to have a great personality.
We took her home the following Saturday and she fit right in our home. Deaf or not, training a dog is training a dog, thank god she was house broken already.. one thing we weren't ready for though was the fact that Snow is super, over protective of us meaning we need to walk her with a "Halti" so she doesn't bite strangers who she perceives as a threat if they come near us..also, we got allot of help from Mary Ellen and Lenny over at The Canine Cadre in Wallingford CT.. and we have to contend with her rushing from door to window to door when she things someone is out in front of the house. Even being deaf, she's an excellent watch dog! As usual, you can see more Pics HERE on my site.

she loves running and being chased, shes funny, as a herding breed, they don't usually wanna BE chased, they'd rather do the chasing!!

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