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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Sammy (sampson) Coon Hound

So after getting our Border Collie / Aussie mix "Snow", we decided she needed a playmate for:
Help for her ailing vision and someone to follow as she is also deaf.
A friend to keep her company when she is home alone.

So we looked and looked and looked on line for a few weeks and found out that the Connecticut SPCA was having an adoption weekend, they had recieved about 150 dogs from down south and Puerto Rico.. We went out to Monroe, CT. to their house / kennels and while we had no intention of getting a puppy, ended up with Sam. It seems my wife had remembered seeing a cute little Hound pup maned Sampson on Pet Finder so she asked to see him in person, The girl brought over this little frail, skinny coon hound pup that was just getting over a skin condition so he had alot of missing fur and he had double ear infections too but was totally thrilled to meet us.. that was when we decided that if Snow like him, he was leaving with us that day!!
Luckilly we had taken Snowy along, just in case.. So we took Sammy to meet her and they hit it off instantly! Snowy had a baby to love, as did we. HE has since gained about 15 or so pounds, has all his fur back, the ear infection has cleard up and he is growing fast.. he is so happy with his new life and Snow just adores him, treats him like he is her they love each other.

Here are some pics of Sammy, I will post another Blog about Snow in the next few days.
Here is Sampsons (Sammy) page on my site!

His first day home!

After a few weeks..

Most recent pics..

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