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Friday, August 8, 2008

The Pacific Northwest coast, Olympic Nat'l Park.

Just got back from a week out in the Pacific Northwest.. we flew out to Washington State to go to Olympic Nat'l Park.. When we flew out of Hartford, CT. it was muggy and hot, in the 90's, when we hit Sea-tac Airport in Seattle, it was about 70.. 4 hrs later, we arrived in Sekiu, WA. it was in the middle 60's.. I was loving it, Chris wasn't too thrilled. We did allot of Moderate Hikes and a couple easy ones.. It was great and I saw allot of things i have never seen before in the wild, Whales for one, Bald Eagles too, Elk and Porpus. Here are some Photos from the trip! As usual, you can see them all HERE on my Photo site.

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