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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Just some Random BS ...

Just some random BS from the past 6 months or so.    
My take on a photo of a woman holding some wounded fighter
somewhere in the Middle East. I turned her into a Reaper because she was wearing a black
Burka and the first thing I thought of was it was the Reaper coming to claim a new soul.
(Original Photo, Above My Version)



Skinit . com is a site where you can upload a pic to be turned into a “Skin” for you iPad, Tablet, Laptop, phone... below are some I made

just using random pics from the web.

The first one, the wooden “Del” logo I made from a photo of a piece of wood... I had this one made for my Dell Mini 1012 Net book, it looks awesome.



This one was just a screen shot someone posted, I flipped it backwards so when applied to my Dell 6400 Lap top

it looks like it’s got a see through cover.


Here’s another version but this time framed with “Broken” steel I found online.


And Yet another version Where I turned the “Broken” steel into Broken wood.



Blue Birds at the dump.



A Church Someplace in Litchfield County.


My shop, all the wood below the Lathe is drying out and will be turned into bowls most likely.


More wood drying beneath the table saw.


Wow.. how do I move in this mess? lol this is from the winter, its too cold to clean out and re-arrange.



Cramped, messy, dirty, no room to move, let alone work but ya know what?

its my happy place... I'm the king when I'm in my shop, nothing bothers me there... well, except for that I wish it were

Storing house stuff and firewood and yard / garden tools in there really cramps my style.



A plan I made for making my own adjustable, multi angle Bowl Scraper.



A “Chip” deflector I'm planning on making one


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