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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

New Art and Animal shots!

I know, It's been months since my last post here.. Well, I have been kinda busy but also, I have been very lazy..

Winter to me means it's time to hibernate as much as possible (funny, Summer means the same thing to me too) so I really have not been out shooting very much at all.. What I did do though, was go out to the shelter and shoot some photos of some of the resident cats and dogs, for both advertising posters and auctionable art. Seeing these poor animals in their pens and then seeing the absolute joy they have at getting out for awhile just breaks your heart and makes you smile all at the same time... even just walking across the hall to the tiny "Get aquainted" room makes them all excited and happy.. and they almost all get to go for at least one walk daily around the Shelter's 3 acre property.. thanks to the many volunteers.

Please, if your in the area and looking for a great dog or cat, stop by and meet some of the animals here at the Haven.. they and you will be glad you did.

Here are a few of what I was working on... and as usual, go to my site to see more of my work. Click the pics for a larger view
The Art:

And Here are the posters:

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